Things I Don’t Have Time For…

…My personal blog. It’s a shame really, because I would like to catch everyone up solely on my inner thoughts, but lately I’ve been crazy busy.

Where the Girls Go hit 1000 likes a couple weeks ago! In fact, have you LIKED us today? Or follow us @WhererTheGirlsGo! Christina, That’s Bat’s, Alexander and I are having a ton of fun with WTGG and we’ve got so many things in the works I can hardly contain my excitement. Luckily the sleep deprivation keeps me from squealing. Our last party, Honey I Shrunk the Queers was UH-mazing.

Meets Obsession might be my newest obsession. I’m researching and writing some of the coolest things I’ve ever looked into. Eating disorders in 2012? (The Lack of) Racial Diversity on the Runway. Reality Television and teenagers. It’s great.

I’ve also started with Frugalista, a DC thrift store on their social media presence. Check them out on Twitter. And that’s just some of my life!

Somewhere, WV where we were afraid to hold hands in the grocery store

A few of us road tripped to Snowshoe, West Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Sarah’s utterly amazing and not only got me ON skis, but actually taught me to ski!




Still moonlighting as a nanny. I can’t believe the kids are 7 and nearly 11 now. It’ll be officially 4 years on May 5! #insanity

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January’s Fashion 101

Originally compiled for a friend who relocated to San Francisco after 20+ years of growing up gay in Virginia. Myself, and 2 of my most fashionable friends: M, a DC fashionista who hails from Brooklyn and has a subscription to every fashion magazine ever. And Kirya, a queer femme successfully rocks a fantastic Bay Area meets Brooklyn queer style, give some fashion tips for anyone wondering how to go from frumpy to fashionable.


I also recommend looking at for great blouse styles

M says “don’t shop for anything fun until you have your staples: an amazing pair of jeans (try Levi’s new cuts… they’re shockingly well-fitting and are under $100), the perfect black sweater (roomy, chic, great to pair with slim cut pants or jeans, and if you want to be bougie about it, you can buy it in cashmere), black flats (loafers are in! Go for something that reads androgyny rather than soccer mom for the urban edge), knee high boots, the ultimate flowy blouse (splurge on a blouse by Equipment, you won’t regret it)


M and I want you to know: PANTIES MATTER: Granny panties will make you feel like a granny. Throw away any and all pairs of underwear you would describe as such. For comfort, opt for a bikini cut cotton brief. For sexing it up, consider lace and mesh hipsters. ~M

ACCESSORIZE: Boring outfits can become big hits with the right pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or belt. Pick one big item in either of these categories to lead with. If it’s really an eye catcher, you may want to go bare in other areas. Don’t be afraid to get bold with an unexpected shape, color, or material, as long as it’s not clashing with other pieces. ~Kirya

Note the flurry of Hot Pink earrings Kirya's wearing for a splash of intense color

THINK SHOES FIRST: Kirya says “It’s been said that as long as your hair and shoes look good, nothing can go wrong. Like accessories, the right shoes can MAKE an outfit. Take risks with new styles and bold colors. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg, or a little toe”…In fact… HEELS:

Learn how to wear them. You’ll feel sexier in heels. Trust me. Try starting with a heeled boot if you want to take it slow. ~M

DITCH THE CAPRIS: Any pant that ends anywhere below the knee and above mid-calf should be stored away indefinitely or cut off into a delightful new pair of jhorts (jean-shorts). ~M

SHY AWAY FROM PASTELS: They’re a safe color, they were made to hide amongst a crowd. Fashion is about standing out and catching people’s eyes. And I’m a firm believer that Black could be worn in every outfit (also, grey & dark brown)~ Me

MATCH COLORS OR GO MONOCHROME: For a chic feeling M suggest wearing separates that are all one color, especially black. “If it’s too difficult to find shades that match, go for a look that pairs separates that are light and dark versions of the same color.” Kirya agrees that color is important “wear matching or complimentary colors as often as possible. If your outfit is mostly neutrals or black, add a splash with accessories. A hint on matching, think outside the box! Look at your ENTIRE outfit (shoe stitching to hair band) and match or compliment SUBTLE details rather than the obvious.”


STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW: If you’ve been wearing the same style jeans/shoes/sweaters since high school it’s well past time to SHAKE IT UP! A fashionista will tell you to never wear the same thing twice, but that’s not necessarily a reality for a baller-on-a-budget. Make sure you have some key basics in your wardrobe (HINT: that fit you correctly!!) and keep switching it up with cheap accessories and new shoes every season. ~Kirya

BE CAUGHT UP IN COMFORT VS. STYLE: The two CAN coexist, it’s just about finding the right fits and styles. Play around. Get outside your comfort zone a little. ~Kirya,

…M suggests an Off The Shoulder Shirt for this look. “A great casual look that will keep you feeling sexy. American Apparel has a couple versions of this shirt. Buy one. Wear a strapless bandeau bra underneath. You’ll feel hot while running your weekend errands.”

BE A SHEEP: Just cause “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean you should, or that it even looks good on you. You can take hints from the world around you, but every body is unique in shape, size, and color. You have to figure out what looks good on YOU. ~Kirya

TURTLENECKS: These are difficult to pull off without looking like a middle-aged librarian. To be sure you don’t, only wear them tucked into a well-fitting pencil skirt (J.Crew has some lovely options). ~M