New City, New Title, New Look

Ready for travel with our security cactus + DC Flag.

Ready for travel with our security cactus + DC Flag.

Four weeks ago my girlfriend and I said goodbye to our Washington DC family, climbed into her (very full) 2001 Nissan Maxima, and began our three-day long road-trip to Austin and our new life synchronously.

As my girlfriend began her first semester at University of Texas’ M.Arch program, I launched my social media consulting company – Simply Sarah.

Currently, Austin is hot, beautifully green, and swimming with possibilities. Stay tuned.

1st Street Bridge from Lady Bird Lake, Austin.

1st Street Bridge from Lady Bird Lake, Austin.

Things I Don’t Have Time For…

…My personal blog. It’s a shame really, because I would like to catch everyone up solely on my inner thoughts, but lately I’ve been crazy busy.

Where the Girls Go hit 1000 likes a couple weeks ago! In fact, have you LIKED us today? Or follow us @WhererTheGirlsGo! Christina, That’s Bat’s, Alexander and I are having a ton of fun with WTGG and we’ve got so many things in the works I can hardly contain my excitement. Luckily the sleep deprivation keeps me from squealing. Our last party, Honey I Shrunk the Queers was UH-mazing.

Meets Obsession might be my newest obsession. I’m researching and writing some of the coolest things I’ve ever looked into. Eating disorders in 2012? (The Lack of) Racial Diversity on the Runway. Reality Television and teenagers. It’s great.

I’ve also started with Frugalista, a DC thrift store on their social media presence. Check them out on Twitter. And that’s just some of my life!

Somewhere, WV where we were afraid to hold hands in the grocery store

A few of us road tripped to Snowshoe, West Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Sarah’s utterly amazing and not only got me ON skis, but actually taught me to ski!




Still moonlighting as a nanny. I can’t believe the kids are 7 and nearly 11 now. It’ll be officially 4 years on May 5! #insanity

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